‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Part II: Everything We Know So Far (2024)

After over a year hiatus,YellowstoneSeason 5 Part 2 has begun production in Montana,as earlier promisedand then revealed by Paramount Network Monday. The Western drama series approaches its closewiththe final episodes predicted to land in November later this year.

Four and a half seasons of the Taylor Sheridan series have followed the Dutton Family, led by patriarch KevinCostner’sJohn Dutton, who oversees the largest cattle ranch in the modern-day United States. The Dutton family faces constant challenges from those at its borders — the growing Bozeman, Montana, the fictional Indian reservation of Broken Rock andAmerica’sfirst national park.

With several prequel series and a contemporary spinoff in the works, the original installmentwasoriginallysetto conclude at the end of 2023, but theWGA and SAG strikes delayed production on the final episodes.

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Read on for what we know aboutYellowstoneSeason 5 Part II:

HasYellowstone Season 5 Part II begun production?

The Paramount Network announcedMondaythat the second half of the final installment began production in Montana.

When willYellowstone Season 5 Part II come out?

The final episodesare slatedto unfold on the Paramount Network in November 2024.

How many episodes will be inYellowstoneSeason 5Part II?

Six episodesare projectedto wrap up the original installment, but creator Taylor Sheridan toldThe Hollywood Reporterthat he felt Paramount could give him10episodesif need be.

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Will Kevin Costner return forYellowstoneSeason 5 Part II?

Costner helmed the mothership show before he departed about a year agoto ultimately work onHorizon: An American Saga, which just premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.He told Deadline inan interview for the film that he would be open to reprising the patriarch character in theshow’sconclusion.

“I thinkthatthey should do whatever they wantto do,”Costner said.“Am I open to coming back?I’venever been in a position to tell them what to do. I can only do what I can do.”

Costner has not seen any scripts for the end of the series.Hedidshed some lighton what happened behind the sceneswithnegotiating a new contract for his role and changes to theshow’sarc.

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“Ihaven’tfelt good about it the last year, what withthe waythey’vetalked about it. Itwasn’ttruthful. So nowI’mtalking a little bit about what the real truth of it was. I made a contract for seasons five, six and seven,”he told Deadline.“In February, after a two- or three-month negotiation, they made another contract.They wanted to redo that one, and instead of seasons six and seven, it was 5A and 5B, and maybewe’lldo six. Theyweren’table to make those.Horizonwas setin the middle, butYellowstonewas first position. I fit [Horizon] into the gaps. They just kept moving their gaps.”

How many Yellowstone prequels are there?

The show has two prequels available to watch —1883 and1923.

1923, which stars Harrison Ford as John Dutton and Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton as they navigate the early 20th century west in the era of Prohibition, pandemics and drought. The prequelwasrenewedfor a second season, but the strikes in the summer of 2023delayed production.

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Sheridan hinted at two seasons to tell the complete story,and thatlikely meanseight more episodes.

The series also stars Brandon Sklenar, Darren Mann, Michelle Randolph, James Badge Dale, Marley Shelton, Brian Geraghty, Aminah Nieves, Jerome Flynn and Julia Schlaepfer.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Part II: Everything We Know So Far (3)

1883starsSam Elliott as Shea Brennan, Tim McGraw as James Dutton, Faith Hill as Margaret Dutton,Isabel May as Elsa Duttonwhonarrates, LaMonica Garrett as Thomas, Marc Rissmann as Josef, Audie Rick as John Dutton Sr. and more.

This series follows the Duttonancestors’journey west through the Great Plains toward unclaimed frontiers. Sheridan had thatfullseries blocked out in his head in one season, plus the ending of the seasondoesn’treally leave room for another one as SamElliott’scharacter dies by suicide.

“The story I heard isBob Bakishwatched it and said,‘Wait a minute, she dies! They all die? What do we do in season two?’”Sheridantold Deadline.“I said, there is no season two.They’relike, there better be afu*kingseason two because we already picked it up.I’msitting here going,‘Guyseveryone is dead.”

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One more prequel with the working title1944couldexpand the worldas well.

Will there be moreYellowstone spinoffs?

Sequel spinoff2024will carry on the contemporary timeline of the franchise. In February 2023, Deadline exclusively reportedthe newsthat Matthew McConaughey was in talks to star inthe latest installment of the Dutton saga.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Part II: Everything We Know So Far (2024)
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