Six ways to bust a cheater (2024)

When it comes to catching out someone who is cheating on you, it can be tricky to find solid evidence.

But fear not, there are people on hand sharing their tips on busting any straying love rat once and for all, The Sun reports.

Here we share the ultimate hacks to catching a cheater.

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Six ways to bust a cheater (1)

Clone his Instagram

TikTok star Margaux Cody revealed how to “conceptually” get into their Instagram by cloning their profile.

Marguax said: “You’re going to make a fake account and you’re going to follow everyone that he follows.

“You’re going to duplicate his account and this will help you see exactly what he sees.

“You will see all the Stories he gets to watch, the pictures that he has a chance to like and my favourite – you get to see mutuals [friends you have in common].”

Speaking from experience, she said: “One time one of my exes followed this girl and I was really [suspicious], so I asked how he knew her.

“He was like, ‘We have mutuals.’ And I was like, ‘No you don’t!’”

Check out his emojis

Don’t feel comfortable going through his texts? Then Margaux urged fans to go through their partner’s recent emojis for clues.

“I have personally used this in the past as a first step to confirm or deny any of my suspicions before conducting a full-scale investigation,” she said.

Instead of trying to break into it, Margaux urges followers to ask to look something up on his phone and taking a look at his keyboard.

On an iPhone, you can quickly do this by bringing up the search bar on their home page.

She said: “If you see certain suggestive emojis that he doesn’t really send to you, then he’s sending them to someone else.”

Six ways to bust a cheater (3)

Smell out the cheater

TikTok user Shelbys Gifts shared the clever trick with her followers who have since dubbed her a ‘genius’ – and all you will need is some feta cheese.

Explaining her trick, she says: “Get your feta cheese crumble, get his shoes, slide that feta cheese to the tip of the shoes.

“Once he puts on those socks and shoes, he’s not gonna smell it, yet the only thing that’s going to activate that really nasty smell is when his feet start to sweat and move around in there.”

Shelby explains that the trick works because he will only notice the smell if he takes off his shoes at another woman’s house.

She continues: “He takes off his shoes and comes home and he’s like, ‘Why do my shoes and socks smell so bad?’

“Where were you that you took off your shoes?”

Six ways to bust a cheater (4)

Simple receipt trick

TikTok user Kandy_Dime shared her tip with her followers captioning her video: “How to catch a cheater.”

In the video, she simply slips a receipt in between the sun visor on the passenger side of her man’s car.

The theory is that when the suspected mistress then pulls down the visor to use the mirror, the receipt will fall out.

Kandy says: “You know what’s missing and you know what’s up, you know what time it is.”

Six ways to bust a cheater (5)

Clue is in the carpet

TikTok user Andrea Lopez shared the trick with her followers as she made a shocking discovery of her own.

In the clip, Andrea says: “Ladies if you wanna find out if your man is cheating, get yourself one of these and roll it all over their carpet.”

Andrea can then be seen using a sticky lint roller on the floor.

When she lifts it up she discovers a bunch of strawberry blonde hairs are stuck to it.

Pausing she says, “WTF” before pointing out that her hair is black.

Six ways to bust a cheater (6)

Six ways to bust a cheater (7)

Honeytrap them

Still struggling to find concrete evidence? Well now you can enlist someone to do the snooping for you.

TikTok user Paula, shares videos of the seedy conversations she has with other people’s boyfriends – on the request of their girlfriends.

Suspicious women get in touch with Paula and ask her to test their man’s loyalty by messaging them on Instagram – and nine times out of 10 they are sadly proven right.

Six ways to bust a cheater (8)

Paula only has a few rules when it comes to testing relationships: They must be at least 17 and she must be able to contact them through Instagram, otherwise anything goes.

She also doesn’t charge for the service.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

Six ways to bust a cheater (2024)
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