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As an avid Call of Duty Zombies player who has plunged headfirst into the darkest Easter egg quests, I can definitively state the Shadows of Evil Easter egg is mercilessly difficult. In fact, statistics show few Xbox teams worldwide have ever completed it. Compared to other tough Zombies Easter eggs, Shadows stands firmly in the top tier that strains teams to their absolute limits. What makes this quest so brutally hard? That‘s what I aim to uncover here through deep analysis of the steps and requirements – as well as tips to potentially conquer this behemoth.

Just How Rare is a Shadows of Evil Easter Egg Completion?

Let‘s quantify just how seldom teams can overcome this gargantuan challenge. Xbox achievement tracking provides telling statistics:

  • Only 2.79% of Black Ops 3 players have completed the Shadows Easter egg
  • This % is far lower than most other difficult Easter eggs like Gorod Krovi (12.4%) and Der Eisendrache (29.5%)
  • By this data, Shadows has 3-10X fewer completion rate than the next hardest Easter eggs

For classification context, the Zombies community categorizes Easter egg difficulty on a 1-5 tier rating system. And Shadows of Evil firmly occupies the maximum Tier 5 – reserved only for the most demanding quests requiring immense coordination under pressure. This data and classification cements Shadows‘ status as clearly among the very hardest Easter eggs conceivable.

Unraveling The Reasons This Easter Egg is So Brutally Hard

While the numbers tell an unambiguous story, what specifically about the Shadows Easter egg mechanics makes it so exponentially difficult compared to everything else in Zombies?

1. Multi-Step Main Quest with Cryptic Hints

This Easter egg has over 20 main steps that must be completed in precise order to proceed. And discrete tasks like upgrading the Apothicon Sword provide little guidance on what to do next. Players must leverage collective knowledge and perfect recall to navigate steps without clarity.

2. Upgrading the Apothicon Sword Across the Map

Obtaining the Apothicon Sword for the Easter egg requires collecting three Gateworms scattered across the map. But securing these Gateworms demands completing three separate challenges within tight time limits as you race around the environment.

3. Mastering the Boss Fight Against the Shadowman

The ultimate showdown against the Shadowman boss tests everything you‘ve learned across the Easter egg. His destructive attacks from all directions pressure the team to juggle offense, defense and support simultaneously. One slip-up while managing this onslaught, and you quickly get overwhelmed. Only 1 in 10 attempts results in victory even for strong teams.

On top of these core challenges, randomness factors like Perk bottle locations, Mystery Box spins, and special round frequency increase variability that keeps teams on their toes. This uncertainty compounds an already steep difficulty curve in this Easter egg.

Gearing Up to Beat this Beast: Key Loadout Tips

Based on my experience finally conquering this epic quest, I want to provide key loadout recommendations so your squad is best equipped to overcome the odds.

Suggested Perk Loadouts By Role

RoleRecommended Perks
TankJuggernog, Quick Revive
MedicWidow‘s Wine, Speed Cola
SupportStamin-Up, Electric Cherry
Damage DealerDouble Tap 2.0, Deadshot Daiquiri

Ammo Mods For Each Phase

Quest PhaseIdeal Ammo Mods
Map Navigation & Sword UpgradesKill-O-Watt, Cryofreeze
Boss Battle DPS CheckBrain Rot, Dead Wire

Strategies For Swarming Horde Moments

The fastest team members should kite and divert zombies during time-sensitive parts like the flag ritual step. Meanwhile tanks stand ground to control enemy flow. Leverage AATs, Equipment (Monkeys), and pockets of space to minimize accidental downs.

My Personal Journey Finally Beating This Epic Easter Egg

I still remember the immense satisfaction my regular Zombies crew felt when we saw that achievement finally pop months after beginning our journey to beat Shadows‘ Easter egg. I vividly recall funny moments like glitching inside the footlight trap on attempts gone awry. Or that time we failed the Shadowman fight by accidentally killing the last zombie during the flag escort. After at least 50 all-out attempts, that feeling of ultimate victory was glorious!

Concluding Thoughts

The complexity of steps, pinpoint coordination necessity, and skill required cement Shadows of Evil as arguably the single hardest Easter egg among all Treyarch Zombies maps. Mere single digit percentages of the broader player base persist to the end. My greatest congratulations go out to those who undertook this epic challenge and came out on top! For those still striving for glory, I hope these tips aid your squad in finally conquering this legendary Easter egg. Keep fighting!

Is The Shadows Of Evil Easter Egg Truly Hard? An In-Depth Investigation - ExpertBeacon (2024)


How hard is Shadows of Evil EE? ›

Shadows Of Evil (Hardest)

With a ton of new elements, new characters, and a unique setting, there is a lot to take in. With so many new things to think about, seasoned players will likely struggle quite a bit to complete this Easter egg.

Do you get an achievement for completing Shadows of Evil Easter egg? ›

Apocalypse Averted (originally known as Playing For Keeps) is the primary Easter Egg on the Zombies map Shadows of Evil. It is a unique style of Easter Egg, as it is split into two parts: Apocalypse Ascendant, which rewards the achievement The Beginning of the End, and makes the Pack-a-Punch accessible.

Is it possible to do Shadows of Evil Easter egg with 2 people? ›

All other maps you can do it solo, 2 or 3 players, doesn't matter how many but this is just annoying... well as far as i know, u only need 4 players for the big gateworm to appear( if i remember right it appear after u kill shadowman) so its only for that step u need 4 players, rest can be soloed,2-3 maned.

Which BO3 Easter egg is the easiest? ›

  • The Giant.
  • Zetsubou No Shima.
  • Der Eisendrache.
  • Shadows of Evil.
  • Gorod Krovi.
  • Revelations.

What is the most complicated zombie map? ›

TranZit not only ranks among the most difficult Zombies maps but also suffers from various design flaws. Every aspect of TranZit seems intentionally inconvenient, with fog, fire, and Denizens making movement arduous without relying on the bus.

Can you do gorod krovi easter egg solo? ›

Love and War is the main Easter Egg of the Zombies map Gorod Krovi that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It requires the player to "free" the original Nikolai Belinski. Much like the Origins, Der Eisendrache and Zetsubou No Shima Easter Eggs, it is possible to complete this Easter Egg in solo.

Can you get the Shadows of Evil Trophy solo? ›

The person who has done all of them should know what they're doing if you don't. So you don't actually have to do all of the easter eggs to get the RK5 start. But if you want to do it yourself, you'll need a team of 4 for Shadows of Evil at a minimum. The other ones including Revelations can be done solo.

Does doing the Shadows of Evil Easter egg solo count? ›

The Shadows of Evil EE has never been solo-able, and it probably never will. Asking this question is pointless anyways since killing the Shadowman is not the end of the EE.

How many Easter eggs should I hide? ›

Having the right number of eggs for your hunt is vital for ensuring everyone has a good time. When deciding how many eggs to hide per child, consider the structure of your Easter egg hunt. You want to be sure everyone can get a prize. Typically, 10 to 12 eggs per kid will be enough.

Can you do buried Easter egg 2 players? ›

In order to complete this Easter egg, the difficulty must be set to original. If not, all Easter egg related items will not spawn. Four players are also required for each side's full completion, although steps 1-5 (Richtofen) and steps 1-6 (Maxis) can be done solo.

How hard is Origins Easter Egg? ›

The solo easter egg for Origins is so hard that it makes me want to mod/cheat. Between getting oneshot (windmilled) by zombies, the constant DCing from the servers, the untimely nuke drops that force me to restart the run, the bad luck with snow, wind staff pieces, not getting ice staff parts, etc. etc. etc.

Why is the gorod krovi Easter egg so hard? ›

Often recognized as the most difficult Easter egg to complete in Black Ops III, Gorod Krovi's main mission requires players to craft several items and have a flawless knowledge of the spawn locations of dozens of items, and Sophia's trophy challenges, in particular, will test the mettle of any zombies veteran.

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