🏆How to Catch a Cheater: The Definitive Guide + 5 Useful Tips (2024)

Do you suspect that your significant other might be cheating? According to statistics, around 20% of people in relationships have cheated on their spouses at least once.

Therefore, if you are suspicious about your partner already, it is essential that you make sure they are faithful to you (or not). You must be wondering ‘how to catch a cheater for sure?’

However, it can be hard to confront a cheater face to face. This is because no matter how much you press for the truth, they would always lie.

Hence, it is important to use another, clever method to catch a cheater and no for sure. Hmmm… what could it be?

Do you know that most cheaters leave traces of cheating on their mobile phones? This could be messages, pictures, locations, or anything of that sort.

Now the only thing that remains is spying on someone’s mobile phone. How can you do that now? After all, I am sure you haven’t taken a Spying 101 course.

Don’t worry. I have got you covered. I have ways with which you can catch a cheater very easily. That too without the person suspecting that you are monitoring them.

Read my guide and find out how you can catch the cheater and have proof that they cheated on you. At the end of the article, I will even tell you 5 tips to catch a cheater’s behaviour.

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Part 1: How To Catch A Cheater

Like I mentioned, mobile phones are the best way to know if someone is cheating on you. If you go through a cheater’s mobile phone, there will be definite proof of all their activities. You will know for sure.

However, cheaters are clever and conscious. If someone is cheating on you, obviously they wouldn’t just give you their phone that easily. And they surely aren’t going to let you check for the phone data whenever you want.

Therefore, you need a clever way to get all their phone activity without them ever finding out. I have one such way for you that is smart, efficient, and well hidden.

1.1 Spyic: Best App To Catch A Cheater

If you want to catch a cheater, there is nothing better than Spyic. It is not just the best app to catch a cheater, it is the best way to do it!

You might have not heard of Spyic before (because you never needed to). However, Spyic is a phone monitoring tool that is used by millions of users worldwide.

And when I say Spyic is the best app, I mean it. However, you don’t have to take my word for it. Go check out its free demo here.

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What Spyic does?

What Spyic does is give you entire data of the target phone on your browser window. For example, you can check your spouse’s messages and even their location from your phone or PC.

And you don’t require any technical knowledge for it. There is no programming involved, no complex science, nothing. Sounds good, right?

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What Makes Spyic the Best App To Catch A Cheater

As I said before, I find Spyic to be the best app to catch a cheater. However, it is not just some baseless claim. I have all the reason to believe it. Here is why:

  1. It works without them knowing:

When you are using Spyic to monitor your spouse, your spouse is never going to find out that they are being monitored. Spyic works completely quiet. Therefore, the spouse won’t be suspicious.

  1. No Technical Knowledge Needed:

You can use Spyic without having to study a manual first. It is a very easy tool. It has all the features you need in an easy assembled manner. Anyone from a housewife to a busy corporate employee can use it.

  1. Simple Installation:

Spyic installs in a matter of minutes. There is no hard and long procedure. It is simply a few clicks here and there and you are good to go.

  1. 24×7 Tracking:

Spyic will keep track on your spouse even when you aren’t. If you are asleep, Spyic is still awake and tracking.

  1. Web-Based Interface:

Spyic has a totally web-based interface. You don’t have to download any software to monitor the phone. It opens in any web browser.

  1. Cheap Price:

Spyic is so free that it basically costs nothing. Not everyone can afford a detective. With Spyic, you won’t even need to. It works better than any detective can.

There are many other benefits as well. You will see all over them when you try Spyic’s demo here. It is free and no software installation is needed.

Here is all the features that Spyic comes preloaded with. You will find each one of them useful.

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What Can You Do With Spyic

When you are using Spyic, the cheater cannot escape or hide. This is because of its comprehensive features that literally covers EVERYTHING on the target mobile phone. Few of these include:

Call Monitor

Call Monitor tracks all incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone. You get caller identity, call duration, call number, and whatnot.

You can even record the calls if you require and know what they are talking about.

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Social Media Spy

Spyic has a dedicated social media monitor for each of the social media platform that the person could use. You can track all of their Snapchat chat, Facebook chat, Whatsapp chat, and so much more.

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Location Monitor

This is a very helpful feature to catch a cheater. If your spouse said they are going to the office but are in a whole other part of town, you know for sure they are cheating.

Therefore, you can use the location monitor to check their location at any time. It also keeps track of their recent locations as well.

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Not only that, you can also set a geofence too. When the person crosses the location boundaries that you have set, you get an alert.


Keylogger records everything that the user has typed. This includes messages, browser searches, usernames, and passwords. You can see everything through this feature.

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These are only a few of the features that Spyic offers. To know more, check the free Spyic demo here. You can even try out these features in the demo.

Now coming on to the most important part, how to use Spyic to catch a cheater? Well, it depends on whether the cheater is using an Android phone or an iPhone.

I will start by giving steps for the Android phone and then continue with the iPhone.

1.2 How to Catch A Cheater on Android

There are so many ways with which you can catch a cheater if they are using an Android phone. Follow this simple guide and in minutes you will know if the spouse has been cheating (or if he is going to cheat in the future).

If your spouse uses Android, you have to download the Spyic app on their phone. Don’t worry, this app always runs in stealth mode. They will never find it in their app list. Only you can open it with a secret code.

Further, the App size is less than 2MB. The installation is simple and it doesn’t drain any battery. Therefore, there is nothing that will make them suspicious.

  1. Sign up for Spyic and get a subscription plan for Android.🏆How to Catch a Cheater: The Definitive Guide + 5 Useful Tips (7)
  2. Follow the simple on-screen guide. Download the app on the target phone from the link mentioned in the setup guide. Allow all necessary permissions.
  3. Once everything is installed and running, give Spyic a few minutes to sync the data.
  4. Hit ‘Start’ and you are ready to begin monitoring!🏆How to Catch a Cheater: The Definitive Guide + 5 Useful Tips (8)

1.3 How to Catch Cheaters on iPhone

If your spouse uses an iPhone (or iPad), there is no app installation required on the target phone. You can spy on it even without touching it.

For iPhone, Spyic’s iOS solution utilizes the iCloud backup feature. It extracts all relevant data from the cloud backup of the user.

All you will need is the iCloud username and password of your spouse. Once you have that, you are ready to begin.

  1. Sign up for Spyic and get a subscription plan for iOS.
  2. Follow the simple setup guide. Enter the Name, age, etc. of the target user.
  3. Verify the iCloud credentials of the target device.🏆How to Catch a Cheater: The Definitive Guide + 5 Useful Tips (9)
  4. Select the device associated with the iCloud account whose backup you wish to see.
  5. Hit ‘Start’ and you will see Spyic dashboard with all the data.🏆How to Catch a Cheater: The Definitive Guide + 5 Useful Tips (10)

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Part 2: How to Catch Cheating Spouse

Of course, Spyic is not just the only way to catch a cheater (although, it’s the best way). I even have another app for you that will be just as easy and effective to use.

With this app, you can keep a constant watch on your spouse’s activities. You can know every bit of their life, from the people they are involved with to what they search on the internet.

2.1 Cocospy: Bust A Cheater Instantly

With Cocospy, you don’t have to wait for a cheater to cheat again in order to catch them. You can simply spy on the phone and find out all the past and current cheating activities.

Yes, that’s true. Cocospy has so many features that the cheater will find it hard to evade. Even if the cheater deletes messages from their phone, Cocospy will still have them.

There is nothing that the cheater can do to hide when you are using Cocospy.

2.2 How to Catch Facebook Cheaters

Facebook is the most common method used by people to cheat. It is not uncommon that your spouse might be talking to someone on Facebook.

Cocospy makes it very easy to catch someone who is cheating on Facebook. It has an inbuilt Facebook Spy module.

This Facebook Spy lets you access all the chats of the user. You will also know about the people they are talking to.

These features might not create a clear picture to you just on reading. Why don’t you check Cocospy in action for free and find out how they work?

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Part 3: How to Catch a Cheater Online

If your spouse is getting many calls from a particular number, and they shrug it off as nothing important, it might be that they are lying.

In this case, you can use the internet to know the actual identity of the person. Reverse phone lookup will let you know who the person is and might even tell about their social media information.

This can be done through TruePeopleSearch. However, this wouldn’t give you any more information or features like Spyic and Cocospy do.

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Part 4: How to Catch A Cheater for Free

You don’t have to spend money to catch a cheater. You can even do it for free.

However, these ways wouldn’t always tell you whether the person is cheating or not. In case you are lucky, you might know the answer. Otherwise, you’d have to keep guessing.

Spydialer is one such method that can help you catch a cheater for free. It can tell you about the identity of a person with the help of their phone number, address, name, or email.

However, it is more like a search engine. The features are limited to revealing basic identity only. (I wouldn’t expect much considering its free).

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Part 5: How to Catch A Cheater Online For Free

There is another way through which you can learn the identity of a caller who had been calling your spouse. It is by using Zosearch.

Zosearch can tell about the identity of a person through reverse phone lookup. Additionally, it can also give you details about their social media accounts, criminal history, etc.

Again, its features are limited since it is a free tool. However, you can use it if price is your primary focus.

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Part 6: 5 Tips To Identify A Cheater’s Behaviour

When most people suspect their spouse is cheating, it is often not the case. However, when the significant other begins to cheat, they always start giving up signs unknowingly.

Based on these signs, you can know if it is okay to suspect someone of cheating. Understanding these signs is vital and important.

Here are five tips to identify a cheater’s behaviour. If your spouse is showing such behaviour, you might need to get worried.

1. Change in work habits:

Often, people tend to disguise their cheating behaviour through work. If your hubby or wife has lately been going to the office at odd hours, it can be fishy.

Further, they might have to go at times for ‘unexpected meetings’. At times, they might come home late saying they were ‘caught in some work’.

While this does not suggest they were necessarily cheating, it is a good idea to make it sure. I would suggest using Spyic’s location tracker for the purpose. You will know if your spouse is even going to the office or not.

Further, other features of Spyic like message monitor will let you know if your spouse is having an affair at the office.

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2. Ignorance or Disinterest:

If your spouse is cheating on you, they might begin to show ignorance to you. They might make you feel like they are uninterested in the relationship.

At these times, if people are cheating, they are often busy on their phone talking to the other person. You should check out what they are doing on the phone by using a phone monitor.

Also, if you are using Spyic, you should also check out their browser history as well. It might leave clues to you.

3. Calls at odd hours:

If someone is cheating, their phone is the best way to know. People who cheat often start making and receiving calls at odd hours.

They might tell you that it is just from the office or perhaps those insurance people are bothering them again.

However, you should not always take their word for it. That is how most heartbreaks begin.

Therefore, use a call monitor to know the caller identity. Further, if the call monitor comes with a call recorder (like Spyic), you can even know what they are talking on the phone for so long.

4. Social Media Behaviour:

With everyone talking to everyone on social media, cheating through Facebook, Snapchat, and other means is becoming quite common.

People who cheat often turn their social media private so you don’t know about their activity (or the person they are cheating with doesn’t find out about you).

Therefore, it is a good idea to keep a tab on the social media accounts of your partner.

You can do this in a variety of ways. However, Cocospy’s social media monitor is best for the purpose. It can show you all the chats and pictures on various social media channels of the user. This is true even if the channel is private.

Spyic can also do a fairly good job at that.

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5. Credit Card Statements:

Credit card statements can reveal a lot about someone. You can check your partner’s credit card statement to see where they are spending their money.

If they are cheating, you will see the expenditures on food, shopping, hotel rooms, etc. (unless they are keeping a separate credit card for the purpose).

You won’t need their phone for it. However, if you are monitoring their browser history, you might also find out if they have a separate credit card as well through the shopping history.


Based on all this, now you know why I suggested that you get Spyic. It is essentially the best way to catch a cheater. It keeps track of everything.

If you are suspicious, don’t wait for too long. I would suggest that you clear your doubts right away. Click here to get Spyic now.

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🏆How to Catch a Cheater: The Definitive Guide + 5 Useful Tips (2024)
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