5 Free and paid alternatives to CheaterBuster! - SwindlerBuster (2024)

SwipeBuster, now known as Cheaterbuster, is famous for finding Tinder profiles.

Yet, to use it you need to pay a certain fee. But, what if I tell you that there are a few free alternatives to Cheaterbuster?

Indeed, you can use multiple sites to combine information and find their Tinder or their other dating profiles.

Here are 8 CheaterBuster Free (and paid) alternatives to get accurate results:

1. Use SwindlerBuster to get detailed Tinder results.

5 Free and paid alternatives to CheaterBuster! - SwindlerBuster (1)

Swindler Buster is a reliable site when it comes to spotting a cheater.

If you want to find out that your significant other or your partner has been cheating on you and is on dating sites, you just need to go to SwindlerBuster.

Then you’re required to add their details such as first name, last name, age, gender, and email address.

Don’t worry; if you add their email or phone number, they won’t be notified.

Then you can click on Search Tinder and wait for the results.

Don’t worry; if you add their email or phone number, they won’t be notified.

But, unlike other pages, SwindlerBuster isn’t free: you need to pay a fee to get the results on your email.

2. Google. Yes, Google is your CheaterBuster free alternative.

CheaterBuster does the work, sure. BUT, you can get nearly the same results, with less effort, zero costs, and fewer complications from Google.

How do you do that? Well, it’s easy!

All you have to do is go to Google and write down:

  • site:tinder.com name. For example, site:tinder.com tony
  • tinder.com/@username. For example, tinder.com/@tony

3. You can make a basic search for free on Social Catfish.

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Generally pay-to-use, you can get a limited amount of details on SocialCatfish for free this way:

You can go to SocialCatfish.com and go to the search bar, after which you’ll be kindly asked to provide all the necessary details (name, state, and city).

Doesn’t matter if they’re hidden, your person’s hidden online profiles will re-surface.

Also, the results that you get from this type of search are limited. To get full results you need to pay an extra fee ($5.73) for 5 days of usage.

4. Use free sources like UserSearch.

Because of the free nature of these services, your results may be limited, but UserSearch is a fan-favorite.

Go to the website, write the Tinder user’s username, and choose the category (Dating Sites, in this case).

The perfect, free way to find a Tinder member by username—since it’s easy too, it’s worth giving a shot.

5. Look into free, reverse image search tools.

CheaterBuster finds Tinder profiles, and Tinder sometimes indexes user profiles—my line of thought is that you can use reverse image search tools.

You can use PimEyes’s 10 free searches if you need a quick, one-time search or TinEye as another alternative.

These services are free (to some extent), but you can also use SwindlerBuster’s Face search feature.

If not accessible, you can always use Google or Bing to search for the source of an image.

Fellow paid alternatives to CheaterBuster.

If you’re looking to drop a few bucks on a service to find somebody’s Tinder profile, I have your back.

Since the free options were limited, you ought to look into the pay-to-use alternatives, which just happen to be more elaborate.

1. BeenVerified.

For a $30 membership, BeenVerified is the perfect long-term solution if you’re hoping to conduct multiple reports.

Not only Tinder, this is how you’ll find all the dating profiles under your person’s identity.

The best part about it is that it’s quick, effective, and requires basic information like a name, phone number, or email.

2. PeopleLooker.

And for my third and final pick, we have PeopleLooker—$24 for a membership, and you’ll find their Tinder profile.

It’ll compile a report for you consisting of both social media and dating profiles as long as you have AT LEAST the person’s name.

Again, you can’t pay for a one-time fee like with SocialCatfish, so you’ll need to pay for a whole membership.

Is CheaterBuster free? Is there a free version of Cheaterbuster?

5 Free and paid alternatives to CheaterBuster! - SwindlerBuster (3)

No. Cheatbuster is not free and there is no free version of it.

Only, other alternatives can give you similar results to CheaterBuster, such as SwindlerBuster.

The bad part of using sites other than CheaterBuster and SwindlerBuster is that the results won’t be only oriented on Tinder.

  • Still, you might get other details such as their other usernames, photos, phone numbers, or emails that you might use to find their Tinder profile.

Lastly, CheaterBuster doesn’t offer a free trial, and to use it for a single search, you need to pay $9.99.

Sealing the deal: Is there a free alternative to CheaterBuster?

Yes, technically, there are a few free alternatives to CheaterBuster.

All you need to catch a cheater on dating apps is to use multiple sources like Google or Tinder reverse image search services.

Also, you can make a simple search on Social Catfish where you’ll get a glimpse of their social media usernames, their address, and so on.

Hence, to get full access to these results, you still need to pay.

But, don’t worry. If you combine all the information you get from all the sites, you’ll be able to get just the results you want.

Good luck!

5 Free and paid alternatives to CheaterBuster! - SwindlerBuster (2024)
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