Call for submissions.

Filmmakers and video artists of every race, creed, and alignment are invited to submit slow motion video pieces for The SLOMO Horror Festival, a touring film festival, dvd, and online publication.

All submissions must use and/or address the concept of slow motion and meet the following criteria to be accepted for consideration...

Native slow motion (60fps or higher) is preferred, but not required. Multiple submissions are ok, but one really great and terrifying piece is preferred.

Project details.

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The SLOMO Horror Festival will begin its worldwide tour this autumn.

The SLOMO Horror Festival is the evil offspring of The SLOMO Video Festival (2006) which screened in 8 countries and 24 cities and was published on DVD and distributed independently online as a non-profit arts project.

Please send all submissions to:

4701 San Leandro St. #8b
Oakland, CA 94601

DEADLINE June 15th, 2007 (postmarked)

Dying to ask a question?
email gas [at]

logo illustration by Jon Wayshak
festival created and produced by Ryan Junell

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